Small Steps Towards a #LessWaste Lifestyle

Posted by on Feb 4, 2019 in Uncategorized

Have you been thinking lately of cutting down your household waste? Well, it seems you don’t need to anymore – if we want to stop the worsening environmental crisis, reducing what we waste is a must.

Here at Terraformers we know how tough becoming a #lesswaste hero can be. It doesn’t happen overnight and you need to put a lot of effort into it but hey, it will be worth it – our planet and your wallet can only confirm! These baby steps should help you hit the ground running:

Using eco bags

As an indispensable part of grocery shopping as a wallet. You can get them on Etsy or eBay for less than a fistful of dollars or, if you have more free time, make a DIY version at home (for a few dollars less, of course). Just take an old T-shirt, watch a tutorial on YouTube and have your own self-made and eco-friendly bag!

Growing food in your backyard

You don’t need to have a field stretching to the horizon, a garden or a bigger terrace will be just enough to grow your own veggies, fruits, and herbs. We and our great gardeners are ready to help you to start – check here!

Reducing shopping needs

Did you know that a four-person family wastes about $1,500 a year throwing out food? Planning grocery shopping and sticking to the shopping list can help you save that money. Buying something more seems too hard to resist? Just think about a week trip you can afford with this cabbage in your pocket!

Using everything

If it is too complicated to plan your weekly shopping ahead, preparing dishes from your leftovers sounds like a good solution. Just head over to to learn and find some inspiration for the upcoming week!
Adapting #lesswaste lifestyle can be easier and funnier than you may suppose. It’s healthy, eco-friendly and has a positive impact on everything – from your wallet to mental health. Marie Kondo says that “today is the day to rethink the way you live and throw away everything that doesn’t spark joy” and we agree with it. There is only one bit needed to be changed – just give it to your local charity shop instead of throwing it all away!