Everything You Should Know About Raised Garden Beds!

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Howdy gardeners! You must be upbeat for Spring and looking forward to planting new seasonal vegetables in your garden. Are you wondering about raised garden bed for your new vegetables? If your answer is yes, then this blog is for you. In this blog we will attempt to summarize everything about raised garden beds and how you can create raised garden beds in your garden for organic farming. Raised bed gardening is a form of gardening in which we plant our vegetables or any plant in a large planting container that sits above ground.

A raised bed garden can be of any shape and size according to your garden landscape and are generally enclosed by a wood frame. The only thing that you need to get started with the raised garden bed is a big wooden frame with no bottom or top filled with high quality soil and placed in a sunny spot. Raised garden beds can easily become the pride of your garden and of course, there are few benefits of having raised garden bed.

Why Should You Use Raised Garden Beds For Your Organic Gardening?

There are lots of advantages of using raised garden beds in your garden. Apart from saving your back and knees from more bending and kneeling, you can easily improve the productivity of your garden plants, thanks to better drainage and deeper rooting in raised garden beds. A raised garden bed is perfect when you are running out of space and are looking for an alternative to conventional row gardens. In raised bed gardening, you have full control of the soil type. You can easily use organic soil in your raised garden bed, if the soil no your property is poor. Your plants will also experience fewer weeds as you use good quality soil in your raised garden beds, whilethey are also elevated from the ground.

Types of Wood and Sizes You Should Choose For Your Raised Beds!

It is important to understand that Chrome Copper Arsenate (CCA) pressure treated woods are not good for your garden and it is banned for the use in the raised bed gardening. Therefore, it is extremely important that you should choose high quality eco-friendly wood that are free from chemicals. Cedar is perfect for raised garden beds as they contain natural oils that make them a highly durable choice for the raised garden beds.

The common and most popular width of a raised garden bed is 4 feet, though you can choose any size you prefer. Keep in your mind that by making your raised garden wider and bigger you will make your future work tougher. As far as length of the garden bed, consider keeping it around 8 feet.

Once you are finished with building your raised garden bed, fill it with high quality soil. Remember to use lots of compost and manure to make your soil as rich as possible for the planting, if you are making it yourself.

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