3 Top Winter Vegetables

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Christmas lights have been switched on, first snow has fallen and you start your day with shovelling it from your driveway. Winter has arrived.

Nature is getting a well-deserved rest, preparing for the new season. Trees shed leaves, some animals hibernate to wake up a few months later, some birds fly away to warmer places. If you were worrying there will be nothing to do in your home garden during those long winter evenings, then don’t – it’s the best time to plant some new veggies to enjoy them next year! Here are our favourite:

Green peas

What we sow in winter, we shall reap in spring. Green peas seeds prefer to be planted in colder months and it makes no difference to them if it is a vast garden outside or a little pot inside.


One the best weapons in fighting off cold and flu is actually super easy to grow. Just plant a clove, wait to the following autumn, harvest and be fully prepared for the next cold season.

Spring onion

This quick cropping veggie will be a perfect addition to your spring salads if you sow it now!

Everything You Should Know About Raised Garden Beds!

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Howdy gardeners! You must be upbeat for Spring and looking forward to planting new seasonal vegetables in your garden. Are you wondering about raised garden bed for your new vegetables? If your answer is yes, then this blog is for you. In this blog we will attempt to summarize everything about raised garden beds and how you can create raised garden beds in your garden for organic farming. Raised bed gardening is a form of gardening in which we plant our vegetables or any plant in a large planting container that sits above ground. (more…)

Five Easy To Grow Vegetables for Your Garden!

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Are you one of those still wondering what to grow in your garden? If your answer is yes, then this blog is for you. People often get confused with the wide variety of options available to grow in the garden but for the newbie, it is extremely important to choose the correct vegetables. We realize that a bad experience starting your vegetable gardening journey may lead you away from organic food gardening. In this blog, we will look at five plants to grow vegetables easily in your home organic garden. (more…)

Organic gardening – Everything You Should Know about Organic Gardening!

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organic garden

Image Credit: Pine House Edible Gardens

The buzz about the organic food and gardening is not new, but it is getting louder and louder with every passing day. If you are one of those who are still wondering what is organic gardening and how it is different from the traditional gardening than this blog is going to explain it all to you. The word ‘organic’ is used to describe produce and products that arenature-friendly and free from any type of chemical fertilizers, herbicides,pesticides, or other types of artificial additives. Organic gardening is defined as gardening without the fertilizers and pesticides. (more…)

Terraformers – Transforming Your Ordinary Garden into an Organic Edible Garden!

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Today, harmful chemical pesticides are used to improve the quantity of farm harvests. Most of the time, we don’t know about the type of pesticides that are used to grow a particular vegetable that we often buy from a grocery store. Therefore, it is extremely important in today’s fast-paced life to grow your own food. Have youever tasted a vegetable or fruit that was grown in your backyard? If yes, then you are aware that organic produce grown in your own backyard tastes much better than what you would buy from the supermarket. (more…)