3 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

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Spring is coming. First days of March are the best time to begin preparations for the new season and wake up your garden a bit. Even if winter doesn’t want to surrender and it is still cold outside, you can start growing many plants indoors and just wait for warmer days.

Here are a few other tips on how you and your garden can get a head start:

Make a plan

Photo by Eco Warrior Princess on Unsplash

Planning your planting makes these preparations easy. It’s a good idea to talk to a gardening consultant. He will inspect your garden, discuss your ideas and preferences to choose the best flowers, veggies, fruits and herbs to plant. You can spend this saved time looking for inspiration on Pinterest or, if you have an artist inside, do DIY plant labels.

Make or repair raised beds

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

These beds can make your gardening much easier, especially if you don’t own a villa with gardens the size of a football field. It’s a good way to start experimenting with different types of soil. And you don’t need to be Bub The Builder to create one, even some old cupboard drawers will be just as good.


No matter if you are lucky enough to have a big green garden or raised beds are the only way you can grow your veggies and flowers, a good portion of mulch is almost indispensable. It will help retain moisture in the soil, contribute to its health or reduce winter injuries. And how good it looks!

They say the early bird catches the worm. Try these tips and see that the early gardener catches much more!

Small Steps Towards a #LessWaste Lifestyle

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Have you been thinking lately of cutting down your household waste? Well, it seems you don’t need to anymore – if we want to stop the worsening environmental crisis, reducing what we waste is a must.

Here at Terraformers we know how tough becoming a #lesswaste hero can be. It doesn’t happen overnight and you need to put a lot of effort into it but hey, it will be worth it – our planet and your wallet can only confirm! These baby steps should help you hit the ground running:

Using eco bags

As an indispensable part of grocery shopping as a wallet. You can get them on Etsy or eBay for less than a fistful of dollars or, if you have more free time, make a DIY version at home (for a few dollars less, of course). Just take an old T-shirt, watch a tutorial on YouTube and have your own self-made and eco-friendly bag!

Growing food in your backyard

You don’t need to have a field stretching to the horizon, a garden or a bigger terrace will be just enough to grow your own veggies, fruits, and herbs. We and our great gardeners are ready to help you to start – check here!

Reducing shopping needs

Did you know that a four-person family wastes about $1,500 a year throwing out food? Planning grocery shopping and sticking to the shopping list can help you save that money. Buying something more seems too hard to resist? Just think about a week trip you can afford with this cabbage in your pocket!

Using everything

If it is too complicated to plan your weekly shopping ahead, preparing dishes from your leftovers sounds like a good solution. Just head over to savethefood.com to learn and find some inspiration for the upcoming week!
Adapting #lesswaste lifestyle can be easier and funnier than you may suppose. It’s healthy, eco-friendly and has a positive impact on everything – from your wallet to mental health. Marie Kondo says that “today is the day to rethink the way you live and throw away everything that doesn’t spark joy” and we agree with it. There is only one bit needed to be changed – just give it to your local charity shop instead of throwing it all away!

Food from your garden that boost your immune system

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Despite being bombarded with ads offering that magical pill supporting your immune system, the first place to go, if you want to improve your health, shouldn’t be a local pharmacy, but your own garden! Of course, if you are still a gardener-to-be, your local grocery shop will do just as good.

Here are some great immune boosters you should remember about in your daily diet!

Citrus fruits

We all know they are rich in Vitamin C which help us fighting a cold but we don’t remember this micronutrient can’t be stored in our organisms. Eating them every day could do wonders  so why not start your day with a cup of lemon water or freshly squeezed orange juice?

Red bell peppers

One cup of red bell peppers (although nobody serves them in cups, of course) provides your body with daily requirement of Vitamins A and C, powers up your immune system and keeps your skin looking healthy. And the best part? They just need to be placed in some sunny spot to grow beautifully in your own garden!


This leafy green turns out to be one of the most nutrient-rich vegetables in the world. Full of Vitamin C, beta carotene and numerous antioxidants is of great help while fighting an infection. One can a day was enough to make Popeye a film star – why not try to become one yourself?


A must-have ingredient in almost every recipe and one of the best winter vegetables which is loaded with manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, selenium and fiber. Only for braves: one raw clove a day and you will become flu-proof!

Sunflower seeds

Every seed is rich in various nutrients including one of the most important for your immune system – Vitamin E. It has an ability to modulate host immune functions and stay as healthy as possible. You don’t need to supplement it – just add a handful of these seeds to your salad and that’s all!

3 Top Winter Vegetables

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Christmas lights have been switched on, first snow has fallen and you start your day with shovelling it from your driveway. Winter has arrived.

Nature is getting a well-deserved rest, preparing for the new season. Trees shed leaves, some animals hibernate to wake up a few months later, some birds fly away to warmer places. If you were worrying there will be nothing to do in your home garden during those long winter evenings, then don’t – it’s the best time to plant some new veggies to enjoy them next year! Here are our favourite:

Winter vegetable #1: green peas

winter vegetable: green peas

What we sow in winter, we shall reap in spring. Green peas seeds prefer to be planted in colder months and it makes no difference to them if it is a vast garden outside or a little pot inside.

Winter vegetable #2: garlic

One the best weapons in fighting off cold and flu is actually super easy to grow. Just plant a clove, wait to the following autumn, harvest and be fully prepared for the next cold season.

Winter vegetable #3: spring onion

winter vegetable: spring onion

This quick cropping veggie will be a perfect addition to your spring salads if you sow it now!

Everything You Should Know About Raised Garden Beds!

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Image Credit: Farmscape

Howdy gardeners! You must be upbeat for Spring and looking forward to planting new seasonal vegetables in your garden. Are you wondering about raised garden bed for your new vegetables? If your answer is yes, then this blog is for you. In this blog we will attempt to summarize everything about raised garden beds and how you can create raised garden beds in your garden for organic farming. Raised bed gardening is a form of gardening in which we plant our vegetables or any plant in a large planting container that sits above ground. (more…)

Five Easy To Grow Vegetables for Your Garden!

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Image credit: Pine House Edible Gardens

Are you one of those still wondering what to grow in your garden? If your answer is yes, then this blog is for you. People often get confused with the wide variety of options available to grow in the garden but for the newbie, it is extremely important to choose the correct vegetables. We realize that a bad experience starting your vegetable gardening journey may lead you away from organic food gardening. In this blog, we will look at five plants to grow vegetables easily in your home organic garden. (more…)

Organic gardening – Everything You Should Know about Organic Gardening!

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organic garden

Image Credit: Pine House Edible Gardens

The buzz about the organic food and gardening is not new, but it is getting louder and louder with every passing day. If you are one of those who are still wondering what is organic gardening and how it is different from the traditional gardening than this blog is going to explain it all to you. The word ‘organic’ is used to describe produce and products that arenature-friendly and free from any type of chemical fertilizers, herbicides,pesticides, or other types of artificial additives. Organic gardening is defined as gardening without the fertilizers and pesticides. (more…)

Terraformers – Transforming Your Ordinary Garden into an Organic Edible Garden!

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Image Courtesy: pinehouseediblegardens.com

Today, harmful chemical pesticides are used to improve the quantity of farm harvests. Most of the time, we don’t know about the type of pesticides that are used to grow a particular vegetable that we often buy from a grocery store. Therefore, it is extremely important in today’s fast-paced life to grow your own food. Have youever tasted a vegetable or fruit that was grown in your backyard? If yes, then you are aware that organic produce grown in your own backyard tastes much better than what you would buy from the supermarket. (more…)